Frequently asked questions - Find out all about Christmas 2020

Can I order for Christmas?

This year we are taking orders for your Christmas meat, you can place your order by telephone, facebook or using the contact for on our Ordering for Christmas page on this website.

When can I collect my order?

When you place your order we will ask you to confirm the date you wish to collect your order, this can be from 21st to the 24th December. All orders will be collected via our Drive-Thru service not in the shop.

What if I need to add something?

We can add to your order until 20th December, to allow us to serve as many people as possible please try to limit the number of changes you make. Think of everything you'll need to make Christmas dinner as well as boxing day breakfasts.

Where do I collect my order?

We will have a designated order collection point at the back of our shop for all Christmas orders. You will need to confirm your name with the member of our team at the back gate, they will then send for your shopping and take payment of any outstanding balance. The back of our shop is located on Rupert Street directly behind our shop.

What I wish to purchase isn’t on your website.

Our range of products is very extensive and as such we have decided to upload the items we think you'll want most at Christmas as well as those items you might need a reminder about. You can order all our regular oven ready meals for collection or choose from the available range in the shop.

Do I need to order?

Don't panic, you don't need to order. This is the first year for quite a few when we have taken orders and most of our customers are used to calling into the shop during Christmas week for whatever they need. Our shop will be open throughout Christmas for anyone wishing to shop as normal. You can pick exactly what you need directly from our counters.