Quality, Passion & Craft Butchery Skills

Traditionally Aged Beef

We specialise in traditionally matured grass fed British Limousin beef. Our farms are located around the North of England where the cattle are farmed using the highest of British farming standards. This alongside our craft butchery results in the best tasting, highest quality, consistently tender and delicious british beef.

Love Flavour Love Pork

As whole animal craft butchers we can provide you with every cut of pork. We start with the prime cuts of Shoulder, Belly, Loin, Leg & Fillet and create plenty from this flavourful meat. From large & small roasting joints, lean and tasty steaks & chops. We use our pork to produce all of our award winning sausages, home cured bacons & hams.

Lamb - Hits you in the chops

Our dry aged lambs bring the wow factor to every dish. We have a wide selection of cuts available from minces, chops, steaks & roasting joint to marinated cuts, meatballs & burgers.Reared in green fields around the north of england we take pride in bringing the best quality lamb to our customers.

100% Home Made & National Championship Winning Sausages

  • Gold Medal Pork
  • Traditional Olde English
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Gold Medal Chipolata
  • Cumberland Rings
  • Irish Recipe - From Ireland's Craft Butchers
  • Beef
  • Hog Roast - Sage, Red Onion & Apple
  • Pork & Bury Black Pudding
  • Pork & British Leek
  • Hot Spanish Style

    And those are just the usual suspects, we have over 30 sausage recipes which are available at different times of the year.

Home to Bolton's Famous Pork Pie

We love all things baked, and we’ve put our hearts and souls into crafting our perfect pie recipes. Our wide range of home made pies and ready meals are available freshly baked everyday in our shop. As well as ready to bake straight from your freezer or to thaw and serve.


Our marinades and oven ready meals are prepared daily by our butchery team.