Order Collections this Christmas

Order Collection


Where can I see what to order?

In the shop or you can view it on our website here

Do I need to order?

No, we will have plenty of choice in the shop throughout Christmas week. However due to social distancing measures we will be limiting the number of customers allowed in the shop at the same time to 1 person per household (max 2 households). This will understandably create a large queue however this is necessary so we can continue to serve you safely.

How do I order?

Ideally you can call us at the shop from Monday to Thursday as these are our quietest days. You can also bring your list into the shop over the next few weeks and we will add it to our order book.

When is your last order date?

Thursday 17th December, however our whole turkeys have limited numbers so we would encourage you to get your orders in early to guarantee the products you prefer.

Do I need to prepay?

No. When you place your order we will take a £20 deposit. Once we have prepared your order we will contact you to take the final payment.

What are the collection dates and times for Christmas?

22nd to 24th December. We do not have specific time slots for your collection, however you must confirm a collection date.

Can I get my order delivered?

Due to the shop being exceptionally busy at this time of year we will not be delivering orders.

Where do I collect my order at Christmas?

When you get to the shop collections of complete orders will be from the wooden gate at the back of the shop, we cannot add additional items when you collect them unless you queue for the shop. If you do not require any additional items please do not queue for the shop.

If you are collecting a hamper, you will need to go to the wooden gate at the back of our shop to collect.

What if I am only collecting pies?

If you are only collecting pork pies, then you can collect at the back of the shop if they have been ordered. If you have not ordered them you will need to queue for the shop.

What if I need to something extra?

You will need to come into the shop if you require additional items, we will be unable to add additional items at the collection point.

Can I add or amend things on my order at a later date?

Please try to order everything you need at the same time. If you want to get some extras you can stock up in the weeks leading up to Christmas as everything is suitable for freezing, or you can come into the shop once you have collected your order.

Can I change some items inside the hamper?

No, our hamper is specially priced to allow us to make an affordable and convenient offering.

Can I order a hamper and other items too?

Yes, but you will need to order them at the same time as placing your hamper order.

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