Meat Storage and Hygiene

Uncooked Meat Storage

All uncooked meat bought from our shop should be stored below 4°C at the bottom of a refrigerator.

Uncooked meat should always be stored separately and beneath all cooked and ready to eat foods.

Fresh meat needs to be allowed to breathe, remove it from the plastic bags we pack them into and place in open containers. Then cover loosely with our meat wrapping paper.

Do not refrigerate uncooked meats for more than 2-3 days, if you plan to use it after this time then freeze it as soon as possible.

Wrap meat tightly in clingfilm and/or tinfoil before storing in a freezer, which should be at least -18°c.

Cooked Meat Storage

Cooked meats and all ready to eat food should always be kept in a fridge below 4°C.

We recommend storing ready to eat foods above all other foods which are raw or will be cooked before consuming.

To keep cooked meat at it's best you should wrap in cling film or store in sealed containers, this will preserve its flavour.

It is recommended that cooked meats are eaten within 2 days of their purchase, they can be frozen on the day of purchase and consumed with 1 month.

Handling Raw Meat

Ensure you always handle and prepare raw meat on a clean work surface or solid cutting board which is only used for raw meat.

Wash your hands with hot water and soap when handling raw meat especially before opening doors, ingredients jars and kitchen utensils.

Rinse all your utensils and chopping boards used with raw meat in cold water to remove loose proteins before washing in hot soapy water.